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New cables

I've been looking for some rf cable assemblies recently. There's some problem with the cables that I have right now, so I'm going to see if I can make it right by getting new cables. These cables are typically used for antennas that goes to the television or other things. But for me it's the TV anyways. So I really hope that this will fix the problem. If it doesn't I'll just have to talk to an expert in this area to see if they can help me with this. 


Today I will be packing and doing some house cleaning. I already did some groceries mainly drinks for in the car and some bread to make sandwiches. It does not matter how long you will be going away each time it is the same amount of effort to get everything ready. My husband has to pack a lot because he will be gone for a week. For me and the kids it is only for three days so that is not so much. Although I have to think what is easy to take back with me since we will be ...


T write about joint problems is maybe something most people would not expect from me. Still this is a topic that keeps me busy, especially since I have pain in the joints in my left arm. It started a couple of weeks ago, but at that time it was just incidentally, so not constantly. Over time I got it more often and since this week it's looking like it's really constant there. It already kept me from sleeping well last night and this morning I called the doctor for an appointment to get some advise or further treatment.

missing etui

How can some things disappear in our house? A week ago I bought an etui for one of our sons. The school told us that he needs the etui and also some erasers and a pencil sharpener. He has chosen everything himself and he was proud with all his school stuff. Today I received a letter in which the teacher asks if every child can bring his or her own etui. I asked my sons to put his’ in his backpack so we don’t forget it tomorrow. He could not find it anymore and I searched for about half an ...